Jawa Timur (East Java) Park_Malang_Indonesia

Jawa Timur Park is well known as Jatim Park or East Java Park. It is divided into Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2. Jatim park 1 offering you to play several games which is adrenaline challenging to whom has acrophobia. Challenge accepted . The Jatim Park 1 provide various games such as giant swing, roller coaster, flying fox, water boom, trampoline, spinning coaster, pendulum and so forth. Entrance fee for Jatim Park 1 is approximately $7 (weekdays) and around $9 (weekend).






However, for you who has acrophobia do not worry too much because another side it is also has some fun games like go-cart, education center, museum and fish park.





 Whereas, Jatim Park 2 provide family concepts  like zoo and other stuff. It cost about $6-$8 per person. It has several games like Jatim Park 1 as well. Jatim Park 2 emphasizing on family time where the vehicle concepts is lived it up.  Recently, I visited Jatim Park 2 and I made a video for you all. Enjoy it!

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