Final Test Towards Student Achievement UB 2014

There are five Students Achievement (Mawapres) representatives of each faculty following the final test of Student Achievement Selection Universitas Brawijaya (UB Mawapres) in the form of Psychotest in Banquet Room, sixth floor of Rectorate Building on Friday (11/4).

The chosen five students who follow this psychotest are M. Ikhsan Putra (Faculty of Administration), Agung Wicaksono (Faculty of Agriculture), Anggun Sugiarti (Faculty of Engineering), Agustin Capriati (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science) and Astuti (Faculty of Agricultural Technology). The Chief of Reasoning and Life Skills, Drs. Sagiya conveyes to PRASETYA Online, previously the five students passed two stages of selection. The first selection was election in each faculty and the second selection was Desk Evaluation at the university level. At university level, all students are assessed by observed all scientific works, English language ability, academic and non-academic achievements and also organizations that are followed.

“The assessment criteria is different from previous year, especially in assessment of achievement in local level is not included. Only achievement in National and International levels that are counted. This is done to improve the quality of UB’s Students in national level later,” he said. The five students also have followed the selection of English language skills and recorded them at Studio UB. The results of several selections will be combined into a final score that will determine one student to be a Student Achievement of UB and sent to follow national election. [rian/translated by nea/agung]



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