MST-Career-Career Skills for Internationally Competitive Scientiest

MST-Career is an intensive career skills training program at the Bogor Agricultural University complementary to existing courses that provide scientific knowledge. The course program is targeted to young researchers with potential to become internationally competitive scientist on marine-related topics and aims to enhance skills that are required to succeed on an international level. Through taking part in MSTCareer the participant will be strengthened in:

* presenting their research to international audiences in a convincing, self-confident manner
* starting their international networking already at an early phase of their career
* succeeding with job applications and grant proposals
* designing experiments and research projects
* efficiently profiting from tools and resources commonly used by scientists
* their overview of international career opportunities
* their knowledge on international standards in science.

MSTCareer course intructors:

Dr. Carsten Thoms, DAAD Longterm Lecturer in Marine Science at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He is involved in teaching, research and international science network at IPB as well as in activities of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The latter include his participation in selection boards for DAAD Sscholarship

Dr. Hawis Maduppa, head of the marine diversity and bio-systematics lab at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). In additon, he has responsibilities as the secretary of the IPB Department of Marine Science and Technology.

MSTCareer Participant-November 2014.

Kartika Anggi Hapsari, Ph.D student at Gottingen University, Germany
Ita Apriyani, Master student at IPB, Indonesia
Romauli Juliana Napitupulu, Lecturer at STP Jakarta, Indonesia.
Arif Seno Adji, Researcher at LIPI Ambon, Indonesia
Yuliana Syamsuni, Researcher at IBRC Bali, Indonesia
Agustin Capriati, Undergraduate Student at Brawijaya University, Indonesia

(left-right: Ita Apriyani, Romauli Yuliana Napitupulu, Agustin Capriati, Arif Seno Adji, Dr. Carsten Thoms, Dr. Hawis Maduppa, Yuliani Syamsuni, Kartika Anggi Hapsari)

MST Career

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