Three Students of FPIK Become the Third Winner in KTPTG PIMPI 2013

Three students of Faculty fisheries and marine sciences have achieved the third winner in the competition of efficient agriculture technology PIMPI IPB 2012. They are Vian Dedi Pratama, Faridz Rizal Fachri (2009) and Agustin Capriati (2010). This national competition is held by FORCES that becomes the biggest and annual agenda. The theme of this competition is “Toward Self-supporting Indonesia with Efficient Agriculture Technology and Environment Friendly”. This competition is an event for Indonesian students to contribute their thoughts in the form of efficient agriculture technology and economic, either already or will be realized. The innovations are poured in the form of scientific writing that describes a tool (can be proved with a prototype) to be selected later and presented and exhibited in grand final on Friday to Sunday (Nov. 16-19).

Vian’s team which is supervised by Ir. H. Sukandar, MP presents its work entitled “Ecology of Fish’s Habitat Technology (Ecofishtech) – A Concept Innovation of Marine Protected Area (MPA) as the Future Environment Friendly in Lenggoksono Beach Purwodadi Village Malang Regency”. Ecofishtech is a development method and modification of the existing fish habitat method. “This technology is one of the efforts to keep the continuity of coral reefs and as the solution of conservation issues,” said Vian.

Fish habitat technology method is based on the power of environment friendly building construction, the wall is from the waste of palm bunches (bio-briquette), and energy efficiency (propeller) that are able to keep the nutrient of coral reefs so that it can stick strongly, as an innovation concept of marine protected area of future environment friendly. “This prototype can be developed into ECOFISHTECH 01, ECOFISHTECH 02 and so on, for the perfectness of this method in the future,” Faridz added.

“Hopefully, this effort can solve the problem of coral reefs damage and fisheries in Indonesia, therefore it is expected that the continuity of coral reels and fisheries can continue to the future generation,” said Agustin.

At the last day of the competition, the participants attend a National Seminar of Agrotechnopreneur for the Country which is presented by Yusuf Kalla and Marta Tilaar. [vian/rian/ translated by wCn]


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