Visiting Raja Ampat for the first time

White-sand beaches, luminous turquoise waters, green and rocky scenery and a bunch of hidden lagoons centerfold thought to the well-known Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat, one of the top diving destinations worldwide – the ultimate tropical paradise, is located in the northwest of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua. Comprising more than 610 islands which only 35 islands inhabited while others still uninhabited. The four big islands of 610 islands are Batanta, Salawati, Waigeo and Misool. Misool has been nominated as the Top 100 Global Green Destinations (read here). Misool offers you a little paradise in West Papua. Holiday is coming and everybody does want to have a memorable moment. For those who plan to visit Misool for the first time, here is a little guideline on how to reach that island.

Before reaching Raja Ampat, you need to be in Sorong by landing at Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Luckily, there are multiple flights to Sorong. Airfare to Sorong will vary quite a bit depending on the airline and the season. Direct and indirect flight (transit) are available from Jakarta to Sorong at price starting from $120-$200 (one way). A direct flight is just over three hours of flying time (from Jakarta). Keep in mind that Sorong’s airport is in the city center but important to be noted that when you arrive at Sorong does not mean you are in Raja Ampat, it’s only a half way to go ;). When you have arrived at Domine Eduard Osok Airport, you have to continue your travel to Misool.

The fastest boat to reach Raja Ampat from Sorong take between 3-4 hours, but slower boats can take 10-11 hours. Due to the schedule from Sorong to Misool is not everyday, I suggest checking with a ticket agent at the airport or local people to find out.

  • Using a ferry (10-11 hours)
    Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11-12PM at Pelabuhan Rakyat (Rakyat harbour). You can but the ticket on the spot, a ticket will cost around IDR 200,000 ($17), if you want to have a room + bunk bed + AC will add cost IDR 300,000 ($25). After 10 to 11 hours the ferry will arrive at Line 35 or Yellu, then you have to continue by using a longboat to go to your your homestay or resort (or maybe you will be picked up by your the owner of the homestay)
  • Using a speedboat (3-4 hours)
    Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 9.00 am and 2.00pm at Rakyat Harbour. Single ticket will cost IDR 130,000 (economy) and IDR 220,000 (VIP).
  • Finally, you are in Misool, one of the four king called Raja Ampat

Ideally, all the things you want to see in Raja Ampat, the islands would be really close to one another and easy to reach quickly. Thereby limiting the amount of your time you’d be spending in transit. Hey,,, it does not work like that, the more time you spend, the harder way to get to, the more rewarding the place will be. Hope to see you one day in Raja Ampat. Be the one, Environmentally Friendly Travel.

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