Bike-excursion to Sinderhoeve

I registered in Environmental Toxicology course (TOX30806) for the fifth period, and finally, I have an excursion. Outdoor activity or fieldwork were always interested instead of indoor or class. However, both, indoor and outdoor activities complement each other.

6 April 2016, I have bike excursion to Sinderhoeve (seven hectares land). Sinderhoeve is an experimental field relate to ditches, experimental pond and even grassland experiment at Renkum under Wageningen University and Research Center. The distance from WUR to Sinderhoeve is 7.9 km. Dutch transport typical is bicycle and apparently it’s going to Sinderhoeve by bike. It’s not a big problem for Dutch students who are already cycling since 5 (perhaps) and contrary for other international students (perhaps). A friend of mine takes a bus because she does not feel confident to cycling that far. I do not know where Sinderhoeve is, but finally, I arrive at Sinderhoeve by using GPS. All along the road from WUR to Sinderhoeve is beautiful sightseeing. Local inhabitant living in peace and tranquility.

WUR-Sinderhoeve (map)

Some pictures from this excursion below:
1. Solar panel, green-product that utilize solar energy and transfer into electricity for Sinderhoeve’s building. They have 82 (if I am not mistaken) solar panel  as electricity energy.


2. Ditches, as field experimental.

Square mesh-size covering the ditches.

Fiber or black plastic


Beside ditches experiment, they utilize tree as their experiment (mice experiment-food intake-preference)


and we are WUR student’s are more than welcome to do research (thesis) here, they said.

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