Faridz Rizal Fachri


Faridz Rizal Fachri

Formal Education:
July 2009 – December 2013: Bachelor degree, Brawijaya University
Subdiary subject : Marine ecology, oceanography (carbon cycle/blue carbon ecosystem)


  • Indocement Award 2014: STR Writing Competition, Jakarta, Indonesia. (innovation of fish apartment, special for lobster based on bio-concrete).
  • May 2014: Research grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany.
  • June 2014: Honorable award from IIPNF (International Intellectual Property Forum Network), Chines Taipei (Coral reef rehabilitation based on society empowerment by implementing Coral Nanny program)
  • July 2012: 25th PIMNAS (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional), Yogyakarta (Marine protected area development based on coastal society empowerment in Purwodadi beach, south Malang to maximize the local resources for sustainable fisheries utilization)

Working experience:

  • March 2015- present: Fisheries business, WWF Indonesia Inner Banda Arc Seascape (IBAS), Southeast Moluccas, Indonesia.
  • Feb-March 2015: Marine science and technology (MST) training course assistant
  • Aug 2014-Jan 2015: Local coordinator, empowering fisheries community by maximizing micro economu (UMKM) based on the fisheries production, Sidoarjo and Blitar District, East Java, Indonesia.
  • May 2014-Jan 2015: Expert assistant, Badan Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (BPP), Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty, Brawijaya University
  • 2013: Supervisor assistant, subject: marine ecosystems and climate change
  • March-Oct 2012: Expert assistant, carbon research due to climate change impacts in marine environment, P20-LIPI (Pusat Penelitian Oseanografi- Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia).
  • 2012: Supervisor assistant, subject: the dynamic population of marine ecosystem.

Other qualifications:

  • Computer Capability (office application/word, excel, power point, etc) (IC3-Certificate/Computing Fundamental and Key Application)
  • Earth Science Software (Surfer 10)
  • Data analysis (Principal component analysis/PCA, Regression analysis, ANOVA analysis, etc)
  • Dive certificate CMAS-POSSI (one star/open water)
  • Dive certificate CMAS-POSSI (two stars/advance)

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