How does it feel to be a student at MAM WUR?

I am questioning myself before I came to Wageningen, how does it feel to be a student at MAM WUR? Well, here I am, figure it out how does it do. I listed what I can do while studying during eight months until now to get a master degree. What people think is only a piece of what is the real life that you face on. They only know from the moment that you shared, from the story that you told, from the picture that you posted.

I have been through six courses at MAM. It has been eight months. The different between bachelor and master degree: six months (semester) in the bachelor degree to fulfill 24 ECTS. Meanwhile, in the master degree, we have a periodic system (1,2,3,4,5, and 6). First and second period are long time six weeks study, one-week “study week” and one-week “examination”).

When you are complaining to learn calculus, statistic, law, heard a lot about European Union law and so forth, your class will let you behind. Means that no complaining at all, you cannot just complain if you cannot figure out what happen and why you do not understand at some point from your class, tutorial or even practical stuff. If you do not fully understand then, you say that you do not. Do not pretending to be smart, better if you are pretending to be not.

One thing that needs to be highlighted: people will not appreciate who you are but what you’ve done. Even though you’ve done a great thing, then you have to work on another stuff too. At some point, they just forget what you’ve done. Overall, I am not learning how to study but more how to living.


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