Brief Review of ©”A Coral Nanny”© Project

Coral reef ecosystems have an important role for marine biodiversity. Corals supply more than 25% marine species in the whole world which mean about 1 million species depend on coral. However due to the significant decreasing data of coral cover in almost every area in the world, every small action is needed to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs is needed. These reasons driven a project coral transplantation. On the other hand, coral transplantation takes high cost and long-term return investment both in ecological and economical. Therefore, need to be away to resolve this issue, together with local society group “Samudera Bakti”, we “Fisheries and Marine Science Student at Brawijaya University” create a program called “a coral nanny”. This program is mean to find a a funding to support coral transplantation project. A coral nanny allow a person who would like to donate their money and its use for coral transplantation activity. Afterwards, a “nanny” will receive a photo of their coral and progress report every 3 months. Hence, coral reef rehabilitation is carried out to protect marine diversity in general and species which depend on coral in particular. As a bonus local society has a ” beautiful spot” to offer to tourist as marine eco-tourism place.

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