Catatan harian tesis #9

Hi, I am Agustin, a student from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) major Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management (MAM). I joined a Marine Animal Ecology (MAE) group and signed my thesis contract on 28 July 2016. Further, I am working on my proposal which has been presented on 16 August 2016. I remember that day, on 15 August 2016 when I am practising on how to present my thesis proposal in front of my supervisor. I was sweating and very nervous. Fortunately, my supervisor gave me several comments and constructive inputs, which means I have one day to incorporate all the comments and inputs. Luckily, all is well!

I arrived in Semarang on 31 August 2016, I met with my partner, two students from Diponegoro University namely Hanityo and Arif. We will be working together under Building with Nature project. Tuesday, 20 September 2016.  We set up several points that should be discussed and should be pointed out during fieldwork (e.g)

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. Why Timbulsloko (sampling area)?
  3. When restoration is started and which place was set up first and why?
  4. What kind of species (exist), why and what’s key driver?

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