Enjoy the process

Lately, I have been thinking and worrying too much about my thesis fieldwork. Many sampling sites and unknown location become the biggest shadow right before I went to bed. Additionally, a tidal area with almost 100% muddy substrate makes it more challenging. Never cross my mind that I will be working on a muddy area, full of mosquitos, and a bit remote area. But, it was definitely my own decision! Be ready for the next journey Agustin!

Luckily, I have two field partners who always supportĀ me, thank you, Tyo and Arif. No matter what is sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy or even muddy, they always enjoy the process when we are driving a boat, measuring environmental factors, grabbing sediment, sieving and sampling living organism, sorting, counting and identifying species. Thank you, dude! We have passed 15 days and waiting for another 54 days, waiting for another moment and another process.


Right to left: Tyo, Arif and Agustin

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