How to register as master student at Wageningen University

Several steps to register as master student at Wageningen University:
1. Visit Wageningen Website
2. Click Prospective Master Student


3. Choose which master programmes
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4.  Then, click to which master program that the most fits with you (take a deep analysis before decided to choose). For instance, in my case I choose Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

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5. Afterward, click on Apply for Master Programme
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6. Wageningen University has more than 100 nationalities of student. Therefore WUR has different application procedures depend on which nationality that you have. In my case: Apply for a Master Programme (non-EU/EFTA)


7. Finally, you can follow guideline from WUR. If you are following every single steps from WUR website, I guarantee you will not lost due to WUR website is easy to follow and guide to wisely.

WAGE 6 Goodluck!

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