Mission Accomplished!!! STUNED DAY

STUNED Day!!! The day where STUNED awardee and other students gathered in one place to have some discussions and monitoring by STUNED. STUNED day is an annual event on the basis to monitor the student life in the Netherlands. STUNED (studeren in Nederland) is one of scholarship program a part of bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia to strengthen and enhance the quality and capacity of human resource in Indonesia.


Photo Credit: Oxalis Atindriyaratri Suwaryono

Graciously hosted the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) and Nuffic Neso on 19 March 2016 in the Hague, carrying a theme “In the footsteps of Hatta: how to build global competitiveness”. More than a 100 students attended the meeting. The attendees were not only from STUNED Awardee but also another student with a different scholarship. “The organizers were excited to see more than 30 students of our attendees were non-stuned awardee, and this event was dedicated to all students all over the Netherlands as a companionship, sharing, and networking event,” said Indy Hardono as Coordinator of STUNED scholarship in Nuffic Neso Indonesia. students had not yet entered university.”

Mervin Bakker as a director of Nuffic Neso Indonesia stated that as “not only study but I expect that you can get new insight, gain an experience and build an international network during your study in the Netherlands.” He added that “use your time wisely to learn”. Furthermore, Prof. Bambang Hari Wibisono as attache on education and cultural of Indonesia hoped that “bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands will enhance the quality of human resource on education and cross culture understanding”.

“To know more about the Netherlands you can read a book “Praise Folly” by Desiderius Erasmus”, said H.E I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja as Indonesian Ambassador. It was a great moment for me and, more importantly, to obtain and highlight information. Afterward, Ade Siti Barokah and Habibie presented a success story and to be an excellent student. Habibie presented that to face Asean Economic Community we have to prepare and increase competitiveness due to Indonesia has a great commodity such as cocoa, coffee, palm oil and so forth. Then, Ade added that “we have to be not only a student but should actively participate on some extracurricular such as joined Indonesian/International Association or write a book”.

There was an extraordinary performance from Indonesian Association of Student in Wageningen (PPIW) namely “Saman Dance” and an honored for me as one of accompanist on angklung, and I am so grateful being a student in Wageningen University and stuned awardee.


The next hour, sharing session has begun, some students shared their story and experience on campus, multicultural, multilingual and others. Indy provided much information, and I trace my mind back, questioning myself due to her statement “to study or to learn”. She mentioned that the maximal mark for a study is ten but the most importantly are to learn because learning process more valuable and not just a value. Henceforth, she emphasized the student should broaden their horizon.

She close a sharing session with a quote from Moh. Hatta “Hanya ada satu negara yang pantas menjadi negaraku, ia tumbuh dengan perbuatan, dan perbuatan itu adalah perbuatanku” ~ Indonesia Vrij, Moh. Hatta, Den Haag”.

Special thanks to STUNED scholarship, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.
The Hague, 19 March 2016.

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