No story could be a story

It is always hard to start writing about something. Somebody just said that to begin is the hardest part of everything include writing. However, if I do not write means that I never give a shot, and the door will not open. While, as soon as I start to write, as much as I will make a mistake. The more mistake, the more I could learn.

13 June 2016, WUR, the first day after I am back from Malta for fieldwork on European Workshop course. Become one of student that has been selected as one of European Workshop student to Malta is a one of a great moment during my master degree. First, I heard about Malta, I do not really know if such a country even exists. For sure, I am not from a wealthy family which can plan their holiday time to go to Europe even abroad. Malta? I heard about such a name, but I do not really think if it is a country. I figured it is a part of Italy because geographically it is near Italy. Planning to have a holiday in Malta never cross my mind. I prefer to have a holiday in Italy instead of Malta.

But, after back from Malta doing 10 days fieldwork… to be continued

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