Study in Holland – STUNED scholarship: qualifications and guidelines


STUNED is an abbreviation of Studeren in Nederland or study in Netherlands. STUNED scholarships are awarded in three different modalities, i.e. master programme, short course training and tailor-made training (complete information can be read here). As one of a master programme-STUNED grantee (2015), many questions arose and came to my mailbox, frequently asking question about how to become a grantee as well ( a short story about my experience can be read here). Here, I will share on how to be one of STUNED grantee and provide general information about STUNED scholarship (master programme). First, please read carefully and check qualifications, be sure you do have the qualifications and that you are qualified to apply. Second, digest all information and follow the guidelines alternately and properly that provided by STUNED. Remember, the aim of the guidelines is meant to help and explain the procedures, criteria, rules or overall qualifications. I cannot promise after completing the qualification and following the guidelines you can be accepted but at least that are the steps that you must go through.

A simple suggestion, I would like to emphasize that first and foremost before asking about scholarship qualifications to the person who has been granted a scholarship, a candidate ought to ask themselves “do I really want a scholarship?”, “why I want a scholarship?”, “am I qualified for a scholarship?” and the others “why” questions. It is crucial to realise and understand certain truths about scholarships as well truths about yourself. “Scholarships are not given out; they are earned. You earn it by demonstrating your potential and establishing your qualifications” (Scholarships for Development, 2017). Below are general qualifications to apply for STUNED scholarship (complete information can be checked here):

  1. Indonesian (copy of identity card or passport)
  2. Has been accepted as a master candidate by education institution in the Netherlands (letter of acceptance or admission letter).
  3. Minimum GPA 3.00 of 4.00 (copy of transcript and diploma)
  4. Letter of agreement from institutions (for those who worked already).
  5. Fill in the STUNED form and letter of agreement to follow and finish all study processes.
  6. English Language Proficiency (IBT, 80 minimum) or (IELTS, 6.0 minimum) (valid: max.2 years)
  7. No age limit

We are living in a complicated world; many candidates just want to have a shortcut. For instance, if they ask “A” and the answer will be only “B”. However, that is not the truth, it much more complex. No scholarship that happens suddenly to you out of the blue because scholarship is earned, not a stone dropped from heaven. Therefore, knowing the guidelines, digesting all information and following step by step is the key to open up the lock called scholarship. Each scholarship has their criteria, objective, scope, eligibility and procedures. Here, there is no suggestion and no more explanation except reading, digesting and following the guidelines.

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