Mudskipper, Mangrove detective

  Detective, a person who investigates and solves crimes. If Sherlock Holmes is known as a great detective which has strong character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so does mudskipper. Mudskipper, an intertidal species by using mangroves ecosystem as their home range. Found in brackish mud flats in mangrove and can stay out of the water for Read more about Mudskipper, Mangrove detective[…]

Pengalaman Kerja Pertama #interpreter #CDI #WUR #MMAF #Part2

Hari pertama, 14 Desember 2015. Sempat kagok untuk menerjemahkan Bahasa Inggris menjadi Bahasa Indonesia dan sebaliknya, tidak hanya menerjemahkan arti nya. Namun bahasan secara akademik kadang juga tak mampu saya terjemahkan ke dalam istilah Bahasa Indonesia dikarenakan ada beberapa kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia memang sudah menjadi kata terapan. Berbicara tentang hari pertama, saya merasa mendapatkan pengalaman yang Read more about Pengalaman Kerja Pertama #interpreter #CDI #WUR #MMAF #Part2[…]

Field Practical to Texel, Den Helder, Netherland.

My first field trip was starting on 9-11 September 2015. One of my course, marine systems, provide field trip to Texel, Den Helder. My group consist of 4 persons. There was a new experience, where if in undergraduate all the things was accommodated by assistant and supervisor to go to the field trip location and opposite, in master degree, each individual Read more about Field Practical to Texel, Den Helder, Netherland.[…]