UB Gains the Game in PIMPI 2012

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) had dominated the KTPTG – Indonesia Agriculture Student Science Week (PIMPI) which was  held in IPB on Friday to Sunday (Nov. 16-18). This is an event for all Indonesian students commonly and agro-complex students specifically to share their thought in the form of innovations in the field of agriculture technology which is efficient and  has economic value.

This year, PIMPI has a theme “Toward Independent Indonesia by Agriculture Appropriate Technology and Environmentally Friendly” which consists of the Competition of Agriculture Appropriate Technology (KTPTG) and the Entrepreneurship Competition of Agriculture Student (KKMP). The delegations of UB in PIMPI 2012 are six students (two teams), i.e., one aliance team from Agriculture Faculty (Safitri, Muchamad Muchlas) and Engineering Faculty (Adwin Setyawan) and one team from Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science (Vian Dedi Pratama, Farid, Agustin Capriati). Both team officially become the finalists of PIMPI 2012 after having the process of very strict selection against all participants from state and private universities around Indonesia done by the committee from FORCES (Forum for Scientific Studies) IPB.

Both teams have set aside other finalists from IPB, UNDIP, UNPAD, ITS, UNY, etc and achieve the Second Champion of  KTPTG with a research entitled FORBEL (Filling Semen Portable), an Innovation of Cement Packing Using High Accuracy Semi Automatic Vacum System as the Effort to Encourage IB Semen Segar (FPt and FT) and the Third Champion of KTPTG is a study of Ecofishtech (Ecology of Fish’s Habitat Technology): An Innovation Concept of MPA (Marine Protected Area) as the Future of Environmentally Friendly in Lenggoksono Beach of Purwodadi Village Malang Sub-province (FPIK). The grandfinal is done in presentation session and there is also an Agriculture Work session which is the event where the participants must perform various works and innovations to introduce the products, institutions, and applicable, effective, and efficient agriculture technologies as the medium to develop people’s knowledge in modern agriculture toward more independent Indonesia. With this agriculture exhibition, students’ ideas and innovative are expected to develop to answer the problems of ariculture in Indonesia and to increase the farmers’ dignity, so that Indonesian’ independent can be achieved [Fitri/ translated by wCn]

Source: http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/UB-Gains-the-Game-in-PIMPI-2012-11857-en.html


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